Orchid Essences

Radiant Orchid Essences™ 

Flower essences made with orchids

Radiant Orchid Essences™ bottles
Radiant Orchid Essences™ bottles

My passion for alternative remedies is equaled only by my passion for orchids. These beautiful and remarkable flowers, often strange, have never ceased to fascinate me ever since I began cultivating them in 1996. I’ve since discovered, grown, tended to and, most importantly, loved these fascinating and magnificent vegetable beings. My collection now holds more than 200 different species. Orchids represent the most diversified and vast family of flowering plants. They are the pinnacle of vegetal evolution; much like the human is to mammals. There are currently between 25 000 and 30 000 species of orchids, not including the thousands of existing hybrids which are created each year. Orchids are found everywhere on Earth, except in the extreme climates of deserts and poles. The high vibrating frequencies of orchids produce elixirs of powerful energetic quality. These essences are simultaneously of great finesse and strong vibrating force. Their action is located in subtle bodies and in upper chakras. They promote the establishment of a link between the highest spiritual dimensions (the Cosmos) and the density of matter (the Earth). They are connected to the Divine Self.


Bottle of "Bouclier Lumière" Radiant Orchid Essence™
Bottle of "Bouclier Lumière" Radiant Orchid Essence™

I have worked for many years with mineral and floral elixirs, including Bach Remedies. Over time, it became obvious I must use my orchid flowers that grow at home to realise harmonising flower essences.


Guided in that sense, 11 elixirs have come to see the light of day. More elixirs are to take shape with time…


Because orchids are beings with higher consciousness, I deem it imperative that the elixirs of orchids are fabricated in a way that does not harm the plant; respecting the integrity of it’s vital force. The Radiant Orchid Essences™ are produced with a method called ‘’living flower’’, meaning none of the flower or part of the plant is cut, contrary to methods used in the fabrication of traditional floral elixirs. Only the electromagnetic print of the floral structure is used by capturing it in pure, revitalised water. Water, “true electromagnetic liquid band” (Jacques Benveniste), captures and registers the flower’s radiating information. This method, which respects the physical and energetic integrity of the plant, allows the capture of more powerful floral essence with higher vibrating force. By this process, a “Mother Quintessence” is obtained.


How to take Radiant Orchid Essences™
How to take Radiant Orchid Essences™

The Radiant Orchid Essences™ are then realized using these pure quintessences. Dilution, dynamization and energization methods, allows the realisation of vibrations remedies of great quality and energetic purity. Each flask represents an evocative title in addition to the Latin name of the botanical species or the hybrid name of orchid used. Certain elixirs are sometimes coupled with mineral elixirs. In that effect, the mineral’s name appears beneath the orchid’s name.


The Radiant Orchid Essences™ are prepared with consciousness, love, gratitude and respect in regards to the kingdom of orchids. May these wonderful floral elixirs guide you on the road to enlightenment and illumination of your own consciousness and heart!


Radiant Orchid Essences™ list


Sobralia yauaperyensis


Helps alleviate fears related to the passage of time.  Helps understanding and accepting the concept of impermanence of objects and life… To let go the “useless” with serenity. Helps us to recognize and love the beauty of all our ages...


Bulbophyllum Fascination


An effective elixir which eliminates the outside psychic implants … Very useful for auric protection. Its mirroring energy encompasses the aura to protect it from external negative energy. A powerful psychic protector. To be used regularly for higher efficiency.


Gastrochilus obliquus


This elixir helps us to get to the end of things that seem difficult. It helps to overcome the fears that paralyze our progress. Gives the courage to face the grueling emotional situations and the courage to transform what is detrimental to our well-being. The courage to face what I live. The courage to be who I am. Helps to relieve fear in the pit of the stomach. Harmonizes the moving energies of the solar plexus. To be the heroine or hero of her own story ...


Cattleya Love Knot ‘Seto’


Activates the heart center, beam of compassion and unconditional love. Helps liberate one of rage and anger. Supports during the living of diverse steps of forgiveness. Helps on the path to internal liberty and inner joy. Liberates heart bruised by the grudge.


Schoenorchis fragrans


This ravishing miniature orchid offers the most useful elixir to daily life. Powerful, a quiet force, it helps with keeping grounded in reality and appreciating the present moment. Helps dissipating gloominess and melancholy. Useful for those who have difficulty findings sources of joy in their routine. “Little confettis of simple joy” in a flask!


Cattleya Aloha Case  X  Cattleya coccinea


Base chakra. Allows a better rooting. Helps dissipate insecurity and fears tied to materialism. Assists in cases of fear of “losing” or “missing”. Amplifies self-confidence, the confidence towards others and Life. An elixir for moving forward, without fear and with confidence.


Dendrobium aduncum


Helps soothe and reequilibrate the mental body. Useful in moments of agitation of the mind or when thoughts become too invasive and disorganized ... when the “inner monologue” becomes too dense and interminable. Tranquility and confidence. Useful before sleep or meditation.



Psychopsis Mariposa ‘Green Valley’  +  Citrine


An elixir that allows expression of creative thoughts. Reinforces concentration and revitalises the mental body. This elixir shines a warm energising and solar hearted energy. Brings light to the consciousness. Allows seeing more clearly within oneself and helps bring light to what is being lived. Supports us in our decision to break free of negativity and bad habits. Contributes to a better state of general balance.


Phragmipedium Hanne Popow  x Phragmipedium longifolium ‘Mont Milais’ 


A comforting elixir. Envelops the heart in a veil of softness. It helps us to become aware of the affection that others want to give us and to better welcome it. For those who have difficulty valuing themselves and being loved. The pride in being oneself without the mask of ego. Brings the consciousness to the level of the Heart. For all moments requiring comforting.


Bulbophyllum Elizabeth Ann ‘Buckleberry’ + Quartz clair


Purifies thoughts and helps to understand and experience the meaning of the Sacred in everyday life. Helps dissipate the darkness in oneself and to invest serenely in one’s incarnation. Allows one to stay focused on one’s goal of spiritual incarnation. Cleans the crown chakra and promotes the extension of the consciousness to the celestial domain. A crucial elixir for those who are consciously engaged towards returning to the Source.


Dendrobium officinale


This orchid is used in traditional Chinese medicine to stimulate the immune system. Energetically speaking, this elixir has analog effects; reinforcing resistance and immunity of the subtle bodies. Repairs electromagnetic fields and stimulates one’s energetic defenses and the power of self-healing. True Serum of Light, it revitalises and nourishes energetic circuits in their entirety. Very useful in moments of great fatigue and convalescence. Instils light in the meridians and nadis.

Suggestions for using orchid elixirs

We recommend taking your Radiant Orchid Essences™ for a period of three weeks and repeat as needed. If several elixirs interest you, it is recommended you limit yourself to five different elixirs during one period of usage.


Simply add 9 drops into 500mL to 1L of drinking water; sipping it throughout the day, or 3 to 4 drops/3 times per day directly beneath the tongue. You can also allow your intuition to guide you; there is no risk of overdose. The elixirs can be used by anyone alongside any other health care method. Using these elixirs regularly reinforces the desired results.


Always shake the flask before and after each use. Do not leave your flasks near a source of heat or in direct sunlight. Do not leave them too close to electronic appliances.


The Radiant Orchid Essences™ may also be used externally (applied to chakras, reflex zones, acupuncture points, in the bathtub, etc.). We highly recommend using them in a respectful and conscious state of mind.


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The Radiant Orchid Essences™ are available for $25 each. Discounts apply for orders of 3 bottles or more. Contact me for more information on discount options.


The Radiant Orchid Essences™ are not to be used as substitution for remedies or medication. They are not a medical or psychological treatment. Their interventions play on subtle plans of Energy. They do not pretend to treat or heal whatsoever. For all health problems, please refer to a healthcare professional.




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